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based on Kudu Arts research over the past 10 years and in collaboration with international and local artists from diverse communities supported by a committed team of artists and advisors from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds, London-based or otherwise strongly connected to London.

Numbi Festival

is Kudu arts festival, an ongoing research project investigating contemporary arts practice from pre-civil war Somalia to the present day Diaspora. The idea is to invite artists from a variety of disciplines and diverse backgrounds to work as collaborators with practitioners and young people from the Somali Diaspora. Each artist-collaborator has something distinct to bring – our vision is to provide a platform to both emergent and established artists to explore new ways of creating work – in theatre, visual arts, music and film – that draws from the experience of Somali communities around the world. Cultivating cross-cultural artistic collaborations, the festival aims to deliver work that challenges perceptions, fosters genuine representation, and speaks to Somali communities and as well as a diverse audience of the general public.


Kudu arts plans and delivers Somali and global arts education workshops (with a range of media) all over the UK and internationally. Kudu Arts works in collaboration with artists from a range of arts backgrounds and by bringing in artists’ trainers, with many years of educational expertise as well as mentors/witnesses to support our learning communities.

Recent projects

Commissioned by Ealing Aim Higher to design, develop and deliver the Somali Success programme for secondary schools in Southall over the past five years. Development of the project followed in Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Newham and Barnet funded by London Metropolitan University Aim higher London and Burnet Youth service. For two years Kudu Arts was funded by the Laser Local 4 Global to run projects in schools and to train artists in global citizenship curriculum areas and delivery.

Feedback from Kudu Arts past projects

This project really got me thinking about my future, every one should have the opportunity to take part in a project like this. Student.

‘I was pleasantly surprised by how useful it was to share experiences with other artist-educators and moreover to have space to reflect about one’s practice and plan sessions; I felt the artist training sessions were very good, especially with someone as experienced as Alana Jelinek leading the workshops, to be able to learn from her expertise, as well as share experiences, anxieties and expectations with fellow artist-educators. It was hugely helpful to discuss key themes of the Global Dimension in a formal setting, and relate this to our own practice. For me – overall the training provided a formal framework to situate my practice in, reflect on past experiences, value my contribution but also and very importantly, it profided a space to adequately plan for future sessions, incorporate feedback and new ideas. I felt the Health & Safety and Child Protection session with Anne was important and useful, and although largely common sense very good to be reminded of these important issues in a formal setting.’ Artist.

“The facilitators were excellent – they unfussily addressed the task which ensured the students got on with it and felt relaxed when expressing themselves” Teacher.

Sister Circle

To start the conversation in a space for women, where guests and invited artists attend open sessions in English and Somali.

Sister Circle provides a platform for women from different backgrounds to meet and develop ideas and projects through open creative dialogue sessions. The group meets regularly at the Whitechapel Idea Store and organises exhibitions, monthly share it in the form of seminars or workshops, open to all unless advertised as women only event. The agenda includes topics such as language and identity, arts and culture, business initiative and project management etc, with a focus on organising activities which promote creativity, knowledge and collaboration. The group invites members of all communities to share their thoughts to empower each other .The next meetings will feature explorations of oral literature, art and the body/gender issues, project funding, art and health, food and many more.